Available only in NON-EU countries. :-(

JJ-CCR develop a new canister, the XRC X-tended Range Canister.

The X-tended Range Canister will provide the experienced diver with a total runtime off nearly 6 hours.

xrc scrubber

The canister is extended in length by 50mm and the stand is shortened with 50 mm so

the overall length of the unit stays the same!

The radial scrubber included in the XRC packagewill carry 4kg of Sofnolime 797 providing a total runtime of up to 6 hours.


Observe that this canister will only be sold as an option and not as a complete rebreather.


The canister comes complete with stand, handle and radial scrubber. All other parts from the original rebreather will fit directly on the XRC!



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