This morning (August 1, 2014) we were informed that the JJ-CCR has successfully passed the CE, and is therefore available on the European market again.
To this end, the quotation of the manufacturer:

EN14143:2013 - The odyssey is over!
It was a long journey, but today it is our pleasure to announce the successful CE for the JJ-CCR rebreather DiveCAN. We are very proud to be one of the first, or maybe the very first rebreather manufacturer with a CE according the new EN14143:2013 standard! The CE demonstrates our commitment to the European market and that we take the local rules and regulations serious.

Our special thanks goes to all involved people, and especially to Dave Thompson and Dietmar Inäbnit. Both of them worked extremely hard to achieve the CE. We also would like to thank our instructors and customers for there patience and understanding.

The download section of our homepage has been updated with the new CE user manual, price list and CE certification. To make it easier for you to find the right downloads the structure has been changed. All downloads for the "JJ-CCR rebreather DiveCAN" can be found in one section and everything, which is related to the older version, can be found underneath "JJ-CCR rebreather - analog"

There is a huge backlog for the "JJ-CCR DiveCAN CE Edition". We are awaiting the new CE plates from our supplier and as soon as we get them, everything will be done to get them out as fast as possible.

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