-33% THOR Cord E/O Cord
THOR Cord E/O Cord
THOR Cord E/O Cord
THOR Cord E/O Cord
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THOR Cord T/C : .
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The T/C THOR cords are the through the years eagerly awaited further development of the E/O cords.
The T/C cords share the same plug geometry like the old E/O cords and are therefore 100% compatible. The cable and the plug are a complete new design. The plug connection is now from its quality level equivalent to automotive standards.
T/C Cords use nearly the whole length of the pin for the electronic connection, so much safe and more stable connection is made. The contact forces acting on the sleeve were reduced and defined by engineers.
This ensures that the sleeve won’t flare and won’t wide up. The plug itself was made significantly harder so movement forces kept out as far as possible from the plug. So the danger of a fraction of the connection inside the plug at the crimping of the cable is being reduced significantly .
The lines were fitted with numerous individual flexible wires. As a result fractures are being prevent in effective way. The lines are protected against water penetration through a special nonwoven of superabsorber which expands itself by contact with water
The grips ensure that even in zero visibility the cable easily and intuitively can be inserted

T/C Cord:

  • length:125cm
  • 2 grips with THOR lettering
  • 2 wires 1, 5 mm2
  • color: black
  • 400V / 18A at 30°C
  • CE tested
  • ROHS made in Germany
Wednesday, 15 August 2018
Super E/O Cord Kabel, hält das was es verspricht! Viel besser als die alten E/O Cords
Martin T.
Tuesday, 03 October 2017
Schelle Lieferung, erstklassiges Produkt
Jörn Kumpart


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