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Oxygen Sensor for Inspiration APD16

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Oxygen Sensor for Inspiration APD16
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Oxygen Sensor for Inspiration APD16

Oxygen Sensor for Inspiration APD16 : .
67.22 In Stock Falko Höltzer
AP Diving

orginal AP Oxygen cell for

  • Inspiration Vision
  • Evolution
  • Evolution +

While the Narked @ 90 cell and the APD16 cell are very stable they have an unfortunate trait in that once the Inspiration scrubber warms up from top to bottom, which is 15 to 20 mins after the start of the dive, the cells read 0.05 bar higher than the actual PO2 i.e. while the cells display 1.30 bar ( the setpoint) - the actual PO2, measured on a calibrated fast response external analyser, is in fact 1.25 bar. Although undesirable, this trait is repeatable and reliable and so is easily compensated for.. simply by reducing the High Gradient factor slightly.

Typically reducing the GF High by 5 is sufficient: If you use 90 normally – use 85; if you use 85 normally – use 80 etc.

Here the examples:

Trimix Version   APD14 GF High Value APD16 GF High Value
  95  90
  90  85
  85  89


If you have Nitrox decompression software you can achieve the same decompression safety level you are used to by changing the Conservatism level:


Nitrox Version   APD14 Conservatism APD16 Conservatism
  1 3
  2 4
  3 5
  4 5
Tuesday, 05 August 2014
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