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JJ-CCR Rebreather with DiveCAN

JJ-CCR Rebreather
JJ-CCR Rebreather
JJ-CCR Rebreather
JJ-CCR Rebreather
JJ-CCR Rebreather Shut-Off
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JJ-CCR Rebreather with DiveCAN
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JJ-CCR Rebreather with DiveCAN

JJ-CCR Rebreather with DiveCAN : .
7190.00 In Stock Falko Höltzer

JJ-CCR Rebreather (also known as JJ Rebreather) "ready to use" Packet with CE:

  • Dive Surface Valve (DSV)
  • ADV inline shut off valve
  • axial scrubber with filter scrim kit
  • 22.5kg wing, backplate and adjustable harness
  • 2 x 3 liter tank with valves (oxygen = M26x2, diluent = 5/8”)
  • 2 x first stage
  • 2 x cam band
  • O2 and diluent adding valve
  • 2 x submersible pressure gauge with 100 cm hose
  • JJ-CCR DiveCAN controller (multi gas and multi mode decompression computer) and DiveCAN HUD
  • 4 x battery and 3 x O2 cell
  • Miflex hoses (LP connections only)
  • transport packaging

Sale only possible upon presentation of appropriate qualification at a recognized training agency, or when booking a IART User course!


Tuesday, 06 September 2016
Sehr zuverlässiger und einfach zu tauchender Rebreather. Sehr zufrieden!
Falko Höltzer



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