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Back Mounted Counterlungs

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Back Mounted Counterlungs
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Back Mounted Counterlungs

Back Mounted Counterlungs : please select color and size.
592.43 In Stock Falko Höltzer
AP Diving

The new APDiving Back Mounted counterlungs (BMCL) have been developed for the inspiration, the evolution and the evolution+, as an alternative to the current counter lungs.

Why Back Mounted mounted counter lungs?

extremely open chest
• Stream-lined dive profile with reduced water resistance
More space for mounting additional components (stages)
• Simple horizontal trim
• Unique harness design the counter lung fixed in the optimum position
• Excellent breathing characteristics in all positions typical diving
• CE approved

The BMCL consists of 5 main components:

counter-lung - 1 size available in Grey / Black or Yellow / Black (Please choose color below)
Harness - 4 sizes (medium, L, XL, XXL) (Please select size below)
optional diluent inflator hose (see Diluentinflator page )
optional Oxygen inflator hose (see Oxygeninflator page )
optional Auto Diluent Valve - ADV
The Oxygeninflator is optional, depending on the level of training or configuration settings.
The ADV is also optional, but we strongly recommend that BMCL with ADV equip.

Important: You should ensure that at least one Diluentinflator or ADV or preferably both are mounted on the counter lungs!

The upgrade bundle includes:

Compared with regular T-picees and blanking plates (please select color below)
Harness with integrated weight pockets, stainless steel D-rings, crotch and comfort pad. (please select size below)

NOTE: BMCL comes with blank panels and regular T-piceesas standard. When an ADV is required (factory fitted), please also order the ADV as separate item and specify in the message.

NOTE: Oxygen and Diluent Inflator hoses and can be purchased separately.

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