Diluent Inflator for BMCL

please select hose length
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Diluent Inflator for BMCL
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Diluent Inflator for BMCL

Diluent Inflator for BMCL : please select hose length.
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AP Diving

The Diluent Inflator and hose assembly is designed specifically for use with the AP Back Mounted Counterlungs

The assembly consists of 3 parts:

  • Diluent Inflator block (with blue button)
  • Hose (Inflator block to Counterlung inlet - available in 3 sizes)
  • Inlet Post (replaces blanking plate on counterlung)

Hose Lengths
Please specify the hose length required when ordering
Existing customers:
The hose length is determined by your current counterlung size (see label on the back):
Evolution or Evolution Plus

  • Medium Counterlung - you need the 70cm hose
  • Large Counterlung - 76m
  • XLarge Counterlung - 76cm


  • Medium Counterlung - you need the 76cm hose
  • Large - 84cm
  • XLarge - 84cm

New customers:
To measure: wearing trousers with a belt and a T shirt, measure from the lower edge of the belt at the front, over-the-shoulder and down to the belt at the back. Take the measurement on inhale
Under 110cm/43.3' = you need the 70cm hose for the Evolution/Evolution Plus or the 76cm hose for the Inspiration Over 110cm/43.3' = you need the 76cm hose for the Evolution/Evolution Plus or the 84cm hose for the Inspiration
If in doubt you should order the larger size. The hose length can be easily shortened to suit your preference by removing the reusable fitting at the inflator block end, cutting the hose as required and re-fitting. Full instructions on how to do this are included in the BMC manual


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