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GUE JJ-CCR DIY-Set preassembled

Lola Ventil-Set JJ-CCR / Lola valve set JJ-CCR
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GUE JJ-CCR DIY-Set preassembled
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GUE JJ-CCR DIY-Set preassembled

GUE JJ-CCR DIY-Set preassembled : .
1554.61 In Stock Falko Höltzer
steel tanks

Self-assembly kit (DIY) for the GUE configuration of the JJ-CCR

Set consists of:

  • Golem Gear BOV Shrimp, Cupler for JJ-CCR, HUD Holder (analog or DiveCAN), Knop Lever
  • 2 pieces 7l bottles of steel 232bar (per piece approx. 8.7kg)
  • Set of LOLA valves (left and right) incl. flex-hose JJ-CCR style
  • 4 pieces stainless steel screw clamps 150 - 170mm including nylon tube
  • High pressure hose oxygen
  • High pressure hose diluent
  • 2 pieces 2-Way mainfold JJ-CCR
  • Hose set (medium pressure hose) preassembled
Tuesday, 03 October 2017
vorkonfiguriertes Set. passend für die GUE Konfiguration des JJ-CCR, Mit allem was man braucht.
Till Bartuss
Monday, 10 April 2017
usfull GUE JJ-CCR Kid, easy to install.
Steffen Scholtz


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