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Ursuit Heavy Light Rescue is developed for demanding rescue operations. The very lightweight yet resistant trilaminate material is also a good choice for a recreational diver. The revised cut of the sleeves and shoulders enable excellent mobility. The crotch seam is renewed to prevent wear-and-tear and to provide even better abrasion resistance. The colour of the suit combined with the complete set of reflectors enhance the safety of all dives. The reflecting triangle on the back reveals the direction of the diver to other members of the team. Integrated and adjustable suspenders and the crotch strap enable a telescopic waist structure. The waist also allows moderate adjusting to fit the same suit for multiple users, therefore not all divers necessarily need an individual suit. The suit is equipped with a warm neck collar for added comfort in cold water dives. The warm neck is compatible with most separate hoods. The roomy and easy accessible thigh pockets are made of suit material. Front zipper allows the user to don the suit without assistance. The cover flap on the dry zipper protects the zipper from sand and dirt, as well as prevents the jacket from rubbing against the zipper teeth.