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Falko Höltzer
Falko Höltzer

JJ-CCRJJ-CCR Rebreather has been designed and tested since 2006 with more than 2000 operating hours under water in different locations around the world. 2009 we have been at Qinetiq in England for testing the rebreather toward the EN14143 standard.

Since mid of 2011 the JJ-CCR Rebreather has an official "CE" certification. The tests were performed in accordance with EN 14143:2003 (for the diving depths of 40 m and 100 m as specified in the standard). The self-contained re-breathing diving apparatus of series "JJ-CCR Rebreather" satisfy the provisions of the harmonized European Standard EN 14143:2003 and thus the provisions of Directive 89/686/EEC.

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JJ-CCR Level 1

Falko Höltzer
Falko Höltzer

JJ-CCR User Course (LEVEL I)

Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver Level 1 (CCR Level I)
No Decompression Stop, Air Diluent diving

  • Course objective:
    This course trains the participant in the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary for safe and responsible diving with the JJ-CCR closed circuit Rebreather within no-stop times and recreational depth limits. After successful completion the participant may purchase or rent an JJ-CCR.


  • Prerequisites:
    • Minimum 50 logged dives,
    • Advanced Open Water or equivalent qualification,
    • Nitrox Diver certification,
    • and a valid diving medical .


  • Course content/duration:
    All theoretical and practical aspects of diving with the JJ-CCR as described in the IART manual. Course duration, after preparatory home-study of the manual, is generally 4-5 days. In addition to theory development, practical training in pool/confined water and in open water with not less than 300 minutes in-water time on the JJ-CCR. The instructor : student ratio is not permitted to exceed 1.2.


  • Training aides:
    • IART CCR manual level I,
    • Air/Nitrox tables,
    • NOAA exposure tables,
    • IART flash-cards,
    • and IART Instructor presentation materials.


  • Mandatory equipment:
    • complete diving equipment suitable to the environment,
    • bail-out cylinder and regulator with min. 600 litres supply,
    • slate and pencil depth gauge and timer or dive computer.


  • Limits:
    • maximum depth for pool/confined water: 5m,
    • Open water dive 1: max. 10m,
    • Open water dives 2 - 4: min. 10m - max 20m.
    • Open water dives 5 - 6: min. 15m - max 30m.
    • No-decompression CCR dives planned to remain within limits of O/C nitrox tables.


  • Dive skills:
    • all skills contained in the IART CCR level 1 manual must be taught and performed according to the recquired standards.


  • Requirements for certification:
    • Following completion of the theory lessons a written test must be passed. After successful demonstration of all required practical diving skills the certification is documented by the issue of a certificate and a positive identification card (PIC). In accordance with IART quality control, both the participant and instructor must sign the appropriate training protocol. The Instructor must retain this protocol with the student's other training documents.


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