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MIFLEX LP-Hoses 150 cm 3/8

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MIFLEX LP-Hoses 150 cm 3/8
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MIFLEX LP-Hoses 150 cm 3/8

MIFLEX LP-Hoses 150 cm 3/8 : .
29.40 In Stock Falko Höltzer

3/8” Male UNF x 9/16” Female UNF (Standard)

This hose was designed in cooperation with Extreme-Divers. The goal was to eliminate all known weak points on standard LP-Hoses by raising the flow performance at depth.
FLEX-Hoses reach 3 times the normal operating life span and are twice as resilient as hoses currently offered on the market.
The uniquely Braided Polymer construction virtually eliminates flow restriction at any angle, even when tied in a knot.


Techische Daten:  
Sockets: UNI EN12164 CW 614 N Chrome plated Brass
Work load: 500 psi (35 Bar)
Burst load: > 3570psi (250 Bar)
Outer sleeve: Braided Polymer Fabric
Liner: Urethan Compound
max. pull: >150 N
Mediums: Air, Oyxgen, Trimix, Nitrox
Tests: EN 250 tested and certified

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