Inspiration EVO CCR

Inspiration EVO CCR
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Inspiration EVO CCR
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Inspiration EVO CCR
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Inspiration EVO CCR

Inspiration EVO CCR : .
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The Inspiration EVO Closed-Circuit Rebreather is compact, light and easy to dive with. It features a 2kg scrubber and 2 litre cylinders. All AP rebreathers, including the EVO, can be dived to technical depths with the appropriate planning for diluent gas mix and off-board bailout. The Inspiration EVO is ideally suited to the travelling diving or underwater photographer who prefers a more streamlined ccr. The EVO is also ideal for the smaller framed diver.

  • Scrubber Size – 2kg
  • Cylinder Size – 2 x 2 litres
  • Ready-to-dive weight – 24.5kg

The Inspiration EVO is supplied complete with:

The AP Vision dual oxygen controller package with wrist-mounted handset and Head-Up Display (HUD)

  • Choice of Counterlungs – Over-the-Shoulder or Back Mounted
  • Cylinders, Hoses, First Stages and Case parts
  • Contents Guages, Audible Alarm and Manual Inflators
  • Integrated Weight Harness with thru-the-leg straps
  • 16kg Buoyancy Control Wing with Auto Air - OC bailout valve
  • PC Download & Logviewer Software

Counterlung Options:

There are three sizes of counterlungs - M, L & XL

To measure: wearing trousers with a belt and a T-shirt, measure from the lower edge of the belt at the front, over your shoulder and down to the belt at the back. Take the measurement on inhale.
Under 110cm - Medium counterlungs
Over 110cm - Large counterlungs
Over 125 cm - XL counterlungs BC

Please specify when ordering.

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